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Redback Chiller is a portable evaporative cooler specifically designed to control excessive heat, and to optimise levels in your indoor garden.


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Pakenham Hydroponics " Redback Chiller™ Evaporative Cooler " is widely used to lower room temperature and increase humidity. It works by controlling excessive heat and optimizing the heat levels in indoor gardens. 

Kit comprises of:

Water pump, ball float, reservoir, cooler unit

In addition you will need a fan and ducting. 

Instructions for Use:

With our Redback Chiller Evaporative Cooler, you can keep your indoor atmosphere cool and livable.

To use, fill the reservoir. Set a minimum and a maximum water level by adjusting the ballcock. While at it, please ensure that the pump is fully submerged at all times. Lastly, connect the inlet to a tank or a hose to ensure a continuous water supply.

The manufacturers recommend to use a 300mm diameter inline fan with an appropriate length of ducting. This will bring cool air directly to your desired location. Alternatively, you can use a 250mm diameter inline fan with a reducer attached.

If you do want better cooling in your room we suggest a 250mm centrifugal fan rather than an inline fan, the difference is massive.

In addition, you can use our Redback Chiller as an effective and economical cooling solution for your indoor garden, man cave, tool shed, game room, garage, or for camping.


Evaporative Cooler Vs. Air Conditioning: Which One Should Be Used to Cool an Indoor Garden?

As air circulates in an indoor garden, it will accumulate heat. To alleviate the excess heat from your garden, an evaporative cooler has to be used.

Heat accumulation is dependent on a few factors, including how far cooler air travels in the garden as well as the heat released by indoor lights and other installations. Over time, the temperature builds up in an indoor garden, causing the circulating air to become hotter than that in the outside environment.

By using an evaporative cooler, the amount of air that need to be vented in and out is properly calculated; hence maintaining an ideal temperature in an indoor garden setup.


Ctn size: 58 x 31 x 71.5cm

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