Kill-A-Mite100mL- Kills Fungus Gnats & Spider Mites

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KILL-A-MITE 100ml - Kills Fungus Gnats & Spider Mites

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KILL-A-MITE Is used as a foliar spray or can be used as a media drench to kill Fungus Gnats Sciarid Fly Spider Mites

Will kill fungus gnats or Sciarid fly larvae in root zone.

KILL-A-MITE is a concentrate and requires only 1 ml to a litre of water. 100ml bottle of KILL-A-MITE will make 100 litres of Terminator spray.

Best used twice with an initial spray then followed  by a second spray seven days later to ensure any eggs hatched are killed also.

KILL-A-MITE is effective in all types of hydroponic systems as well as in soil, compost and coco fibre.

Read directions  for use thoroughly.

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