Grotek Monster Bloom 500g Nutrient Additive

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Monster Bloom by Grotek 500 gr - Nutrient Additive

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Product Description


Monster Bloom™

A plant fertilizer to help blooming

Especially formulated for hydroponic systems 

NPK: 0-50-30

Available in: 500 g / 2.5 kg


A classic bloom enhancer, Monster Bloom™ has gained a reputation for its ability to assist plants during the middle stages of flower development. The high concentration of phosphorous encourages blooming and plays a vital role in plant metabolism. The potassium in the formula improves bloom and fruit quality while impacting photosynthesis, assisting starch production within the plant.


Monster Bloom is very concentrated and should be phased out prior to the last two weeks of flowering. This will ensure the plant has the opportunity to metabolize all the power locked within Monster Bloom. The result will be a flavourful and abundant crop. Monster Bloom is a supplement and should be used as part of a complete fertilizer program.


Directions for use:

Start using Monster Bloom when buds are forming and continue to use with every fertilizer application during the blooming cycle. Stop using during last two weeks of flowering.

Hydroponics: Use 6 g (1 tsp.) per 19 L (5gal) of nutrient solution. Add to every nutrient solution.

Soil/Soilless: Use 6 g (1 tsp) per 19 L (5 gal) of water. Use every time you fertilize.

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