Nutrifield Coco Premium 50L Bag

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NF Coco Peat 50 Ltr Bag (Nutrifield)

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NF Coco Bags - Pre buffered to prevent nutrient lock out that would result in plant deficiencies

Ph Stabilised for optimum nutrient uptake resulting in ideal growth

Allows high water absorption and maintains the essential air ratio for rapid growth and improved root structure guaranting hazard free growing under a range of various conditions

100% natural and bio degradable medium that is easy to dispose of and environmentally friendly

Clean and free from pests allowing the plant to concentrate its energy on growth rather than fighting pests or diseases benefiting in healthy plants and improved yields

Carries RHP stamp of quality to guarantee the consistency of the product and ensure you receive the same standard of results time and time again (#036ST09)

High nutrient holding and exchange capacity that facilitates rapid nutrient uptake and reduced yield times

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Additional Information

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