Nutrifield Bud Burst 5L Nutrient Additive

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Nutrifield Bud Burst 5 Ltr nutrient additive

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Bud Burst is a complete flowering enhancer containing rich sources of potassium, natural plant growth stimulants and 17 amino acids. Its your ultimate organic potash.

Potassium directly effects the production of chlorophyll and is essential for the storage and movement of carbohydrates in plants. Carbohydrates are essential to produce higher brix (sugar) levels as to maximize the weight of your yield. Potassium also regulates stomata opening which improves the plants ability to breath.

Nutrifield Bud Burst is an exceptional source of auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins. In conjunction all these natural hormones promote rapid cell division allowing the plant to uptake larger amounts of nutrient while improving its resistance to disease and pest infestation. The unique formula is also packed with a natural stimulant that enhances the rate of photosynthesis.

Especially formulated for hydroponic systems.


Previously known as Alaska Pure

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