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250mm MAX FAN PRO - 2 SPEED FAN | 461L/S High | 408L/S Low

250mm MAX FAN PRO - 2 SPEED FAN | 461L/S High | 408L/S Low

250mm MAX FAN PRO - 2 SPEED FAN | 461L/S High | 408L/S Low

Flange: 250mm

Brand: Can
Product type: Centrifugal fans mix flow
SKU: 8828
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Flange: 250mm

Airflow: 1660m3/h

The CAN-FAN Max-Fan is a cross between a mixed flow fan and a centrifugal fan. They are designed specifically for high pressure situations such as those required in hydroponics by carbon filters and long ducting runs.

The compact aerodynamic design of the fan creates smooth, straight airflow and quiet operation while delivering maximum airflow under high static pressure.

The twin front and rear blade design enables the Max-Fan to reverse a good amount of the noise that usually travels with the airflow back into the carbon filter resulting in approximately a 50% drop in noise.

Max-Fans are also extremely power efficient and use only a small percentage of the power other fans of similar output use.


  • Extremely energy efficient! Uses less power than other centrifugal fans to save you $$$ on power consumption.
  • The unique blade system and mixed flow design makes Max-Fans quieter than other high flow fans.
  • Handles the pressure! Max-Fans spiral air tighter so flow rates are less affected by carbon filters and ducting.
  • When comparing ventilation fans, it is important to know that not all manufacturer's fan rates are accurate. The flow rates stated below are certified under professional testing conditions. Some manufacturers do not test their fans to industry standards, some exaggerate the rates, while others just guess the flow rates.
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