Thermostat Temperature Control with probe

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Temperature Controller for Hydroponic Grow Rooms

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The Sea Hawk Temperature Controller is used to maintain the grow room temperature within a programmed range.

Adjust the thermostat by turning the knob to the appropriate temperature setting, and connect either a cooling device (fan) or heating device.

The controller comes with a 150 cm lead with a temperature sensor on the end which should be located as close as possible to the place where the temperature is to be maintained.

The controller starts the cooling device (connected to the White cooling socket) when the temperature goes above the set temperature.

If the temperature drops below the setting, the heater device (connected to the Black socket) is switched on.


  • 1.50 metre sensor lead
  • 15 amp heavy duty main cable
  • 16 amp control board for protection of circuit
  • two separate sockets for heating and cooling.
  • maximum load: 2400 watts


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