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The best place to install your Carbon Filter / Fan / Ducting

The best place to install your Carbon Filter / Fan / Ducting

Indoor grow rooms can emit smells that are strong and pungent. So it makes sense that growers turn to strong odour scrubbers like a carbon filter to mount onto their fan and ducting and trap smells in its charcoal bed. While grow tent equipment can be arranged in many ways, there is an ideal spot to install a carbon filter.

We recommend installing your carbon filter and fan at the beginning of your ducting work. Placing it inside of your grow tent where your ductwork begins. Placing your carbon filter and fan at the start of your ductwork minimises the risk of the smell leaking out of your grow tent.

This set up is considered the most efficient since the exhaust fan pulls odour AND hot air from the grow tent simultaneously. Because it’s placed at the source of the smell, odours are trapped inside the carbon filter reducing the chances of smells leaking out.

Remember to replace your carbon filter at the end of the filters life. If you bring your charcoal filter to us we will dispose of it free of charge if you buy a replacement from our store.

If installing your filter inside your grow room is not an option:

Sometimes the size of your grow tent forces you to arrange your equipment in other ways. Perhaps fitting your fan and carbon filter requires too many duct bends that reduce airflow or it just doesn't fit in your room.

If your grow tent doesn’t allow for the fan/filter & duct to fit inside, you may also install your carbon filter outside. Placing it at the end of your ductwork is a viable option if the ducting is completely air sealed. Make sure the duct ports on your grow tent is completely sealed as well. 

The idea is any amount of air leaving your grow room must pass through your carbon filter so that odour does not spread. So regardless of where you install it, air sealing your grow tent and ducting is vital in eliminating any possibility of leaks. 

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