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Optimise your hydroponic water management with our collection of water chillers for ice baths, hydroponic systems and other tank controls. Explore a comprehensive range of essential components, including water pumps, water heaters and air stones, designed to maintain the ideal water conditions for your hydroponic system. From efficient water circulation to proper temperature regulation and oxygenation, our collection offers the tools you need for optimal plant health and growth.

Choose from our selection of high-performance water pumps, engineered to deliver consistent water flow and nutrient distribution throughout your hydroponic setup. Pair them with our reliable water heaters, ensuring precise temperature control for your reservoir. Additionally, our air stones enhance oxygenation, promoting healthy root development and preventing issues like root rot. Together, these components create a harmonious water environment, crucial for thriving hydroponic plants. 

Pakenham Hydroponics provides a range of water pumps, air pumps, water heaters and more. Suitable for every hydroponic system. We have airline hose, air stones, filters, valves, thermometers, sump pumps, pond pumps, float valves

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