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Soils and Substrates | Pakenham Hydroponics

Enhance your hydroponic system with our premium soils and substrates. Discover high-quality growing mediums for superior plant nutrition and support.

Don't settle for potting mix which is full of nasties, choose the best plant grow medium for your hydroponic garden. Best hydroponic substrates, Growool, Rockwool, Coco and Coco Blends, Perlite, Vermiculite, Soil conditioner, Root enhancer, Natural earth minerals, Living Soils, Clay Pebbles.

Shop now and elevate your hydroponic gardening with our top-notch soil and substrate options. 

Top Brands Like Hy-Gen | House & Garden | Bio Diesel | Nutrifield | Canna | Grodan | Easy As Organics | Professors | Hydroton

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