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Protect your hydroponic garden with our pest control products! Discover effective solutions to safeguard your plants from pests and diseases. From organic insecticides to beneficial predatory insects, this collection offers essential tools for a pest-free hydroponic environment.

Talk to us about all things pests and disease! They are nasty and can destroy your crop! The Staff at  Pakenham Hydroponics, know a few tricks to rid those pesky pests and prevent mould and disease  –  Spider Mites, Thrips Larvae, Sciarid Fly/fungus gnats, Aphids, botrytis, leaf spot, powdery mildew, root rot and other various diseases. 

Shop now and ensure the health and vitality of your plants with our trusted pest control solutions. 

Zero Tolerance | De-Gnat | Pyrethrum | CX Horticulture Tanlin | Eco Neem | Eco Oil | Extreme Gardening | Microbial | Pythoff | Scarid 10 

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