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Looking for hydroponic grow lights in Melbourne, Australia? With top brands like like Lumatek,  California Lights, Hortivision, Hi-Par, Cultiv8, Pro Gro, HLG etc you're at the right place for some of the most reliable grow lights!

Illuminate your hydroponic garden with our high-performance grow lights. Choose from a range of full-spectrum LEDs and HID lamps to maximize plant growth. Boost yields with optimal light distribution, reduced heat and long-lasting performance. Shop now and cultivate vibrant crops with ease!

Come and talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members to get the best lights for your needs.

We stock brands Like Lumatek | California Lights | Hortivision | Hi-Par |Cultiv8 | Pro Gro | HLG | Hortitek | Philips | Sunmaster | Gavita | Osram and more!



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