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Aptus FinaleBoost

Aptus FinaleBoost

Aptus FinaleBoost

Finaleboost along with its sibling product Peakboost make up the Aptus flower development and bulking...
Brand: Pakenham hydroponics
Product type: Additives
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Finaleboost along with its sibling product Peakboost make up the Aptus flower development and bulking solution.

Perhaps the most noticeable implementation of the Third Pillar of Aptus Philosophy:

Mineral Antagonism. Finaleboost moves the vast majority of potassium used during the bloom cycle solely into one product. With this formulation, Aptus has allowed for absolute control of heightened potassium application throughout the specific phases of a plant’s growth cycle.

On top of allowing for specific potassium application in consideration of your plant genetics, stage in the growth cycle, or desired flower set behavior, the potassium in Aptus Finaleboost is chelated into an organo-mineral product. With the addition of L-amino acids, the potassium has eyes only for the plants’ roots and has a much smaller chance of being affected by outside factors.

The specific application of chelated potassium allows for optimal health by removing the negative antagonistic effects of cheap bulk products containing high amounts of both potassium and phosphorous. With Aptus Finaleboost, you will see the difference in your final harvest by having optimal chelated potassium with the elements usually antagonised away including: nitrogen, calcium and magnesium. It’s no wonder some manufacturers want you to load up on cal-mag in bloom.

Add Finaleboost to your reservoir in weeks four through eight of the flowering stage. It’s okay to extend or shorten the usage of Finaleboost based upon the total flowering time of your specific plant or by the preferences of differing strains of the plant species you’re cultivating.

• Feed 1.2ml per gallon (6ml per 5 gallons) starting in week 4 of the flowering stage. Increase dosage gradually by 2ml per 5 gallons through week 6 then by 5ml per 5 gallons maxing out at 20ml per 5 gallons in week 8 of flowering. See feeding chart for specific measurements.
• Foliar feed at 9ml per gallon for a direct treatment for potassium deficiency if required

Aptus Peakboost and Finaleboost are products implemented based on our interpretations of the teachings of nutrient antagonism and biochemical sequencing by Dr. Albreicht. By separating the phosphorus and potassium components of the Aptus Premium Collection range of products, you can individually supplement the macro elements (P) and (K) according to what base fertilizer you use or the preferences of your plant genetics.
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