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Flexible Airstone

Flexible Airstone

Flexible Airstone

Aqua One Flexible Air stones help aerate and circulate water in your aquarium, whilst providing...
Brand: Aqua one
Product type: Airstones
SKU: 10160

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Aqua One Flexible Air stones help aerate and circulate water in your aquarium, whilst providing environmental enrichment.
Airstones play a valuable role in aquariums by replacing oxygen in the water.
By breaking the surface tension of the water, oxygen may be absorbed into the water to replenish the supply used by your fish and the filtration process.
Well oxygenated water is one of the keys to a healthy aquarium, and this style airstone will create an attractive and efficient bubble flow in your tank.


Rinse the Air Stone gently in warm clean water to remove dust before use.

Ensure a check valve is in place. This will stop water from siphoning out of you aquarium if the pump fails.

Try to keep the Air Stone level. This will ensure bubbles along the entire length.

If the Air Stone stops working correctly, remove it from the aquarium and clean in warm water, or replace it. Check the operation of your air pump as the diaphragms or flapper valves inside the air pump may have deteriorated.

Before purchasing an air pump, consider the depth of your aquarium, the number of ornaments and the size of the Air Stone you wish to operate.

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