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Lumatek 650W Driver for VF LED Range | VF90w | VF120w

Lumatek 650W Driver for VF LED Range | VF90w | VF120w

Lumatek 650W Driver for VF LED Range | VF90w | VF120w

LUMATEK VERTICAL FARMING 650W DRIVERThe driver for our Vertical Farming LED lights VF90 and VF120...
Brand: Lumatek
Product type: Leds
SKU: 4879

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The driver for our Vertical Farming LED lights VF90 and VF120

The Lumatek VF650W LED driver is the control gear for Lumatek VF electronic horticultural LED fixtures. Up to five of the VF120W or seven of the VF90W lights can be connected to the driver via Daisy Chain. The connection cables are included with the Vertical Farming lights.


  • Lumatek Vertical Farming 650W driver
  • 4 meter power cable with plug
  • 1.5 meter connection cable to the first LED
  • 25CM 0-10V dimmer cable to connect dimmer box/controller to driver
  • Manual

The VF LED Fixture is a high performance grow light with ideal spectral and PPF output for the propagation of seedlings, cuttings and clones and all low PPFD target crops. The VF650W LED driver can be positioned remotely for greater flexibility and can power from one to seven VF90W LED fixtures or one to five VF120 LED fixtures simultaneously. The VF650W LED driver can be switched and dimmed using a 0-10V manual dimmer box or lighting controller (sold separately).


The VF series growing luminaries will need a driver to operate, just like any other LED light. The advantage is that it is not necessary to buy a driver for each VF luminary, but that 1 Driver 600W can supply up to 5 pcs of VF120W or up to 7 pcs of VF90W, which saves acquisition and operating costs.

Up to 100 LED luminaires can then be externally controlled using the Lumatek digital lighting controller (Digital Panel Plus 2.0) with light timing, automatic dimming (in 1% increments), temperature fuse and sunrise and sunset mode.

Compatibility of universal control systems
Lumatek LED luminaires can be fully controlled either by a Lumatek digital panel or by any other control system that uses a 0-10V output signal.
Even if your universal controller has an RJ port, you can still operate Lumatek LED luminaires using an RJ signal converter to a 0-10V control adapter.

Example of horizontal connection plan:



  • Input Voltage: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Input Power @ 230V AC (100%): 
    • 103W for VF90W
    • 130W for VF120W
  • Input Current @ 230V AC:
    • 0.45A for VF90W
    • 0.62A for VF120W
  • Waterproof/Dustproof: IP65
  • Dimensions: 230 x 120 x 50MM
  • Weight: 2KG
  • Working Temperature: -20º -- +40ºC
  • Working Humidity: 20% - 90%
  • Manual Dim / External Lighting: 0-10V Signal protocol


  • [1] x Lumatek 650W Driver for VF Range LED | VF90W | VF120W
  • [1] x 4M Power Supply Cable With Plug
  • [1] x 1.5M Power Output Cable To Connect Driver To The Fixture
  • [1] x 25CM --10V Dimming Control Cable To Connect Dimmer Box / Controller To The Driver
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