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OCD Deo Max Cube

OCD Deo Max Cube

OCD Deo Max Cube

OCD Deo Max Cube The size of a tennis ball, but smells much better. Pierce...
Brand: Pakenham hydroponics
Product type: Odor control
SKU: J7032
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OCD Deo Max Cube

The size of a tennis ball, but smells much better. Pierce the lid and throw it in the corner of a room. Or take it out of the tub and place it into ventilation ducting.

The cube is a marvellous shape. It’s a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, 12 edges, and eight vertices. 

Why an OCD cube?

The OCD cube has a great habit of lasting for a long time. Specifically, when the OCD cube is added to places such as inside ducting pieces where moving air can dry out traditional smell blocks, the cube is resilient and doesn’t budge from its odour protection duties.

If we do say so ourselves, the real genius is that the cube has a super slow wicking system. This ensures a consistent output of odour neutralising DEO MAX and for the OCD Lemon, Bubble gum, Fresh linen and Orange, a steady fragrance into your odorous areas. So, in a cube-shaped nutshell, why should you use the OCD cube?

They last the longest.

 How to use:

1) Open the lid

2) Unwrap the OCD cube from its ‘keep it fresh’ packaging.

3) Place the cube in a spot of odorous misfortune and await OCD to work its magic.

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