Southern No Till Regenerate | Organic Soil Top Dressing

Southern No Till Regenerate | Organic Soil Top Dressing

Southern No Till Regenerate | Organic Soil Top Dressing

By top dressing or amending old soil with Regenerate you are giving your soil a...
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By top dressing or amending old soil with Regenerate you are giving your soil a wide range of raw nutrients that microorganisms will slowly consume and make available to the plant when the plant needs it.

Regenerate Nutrient and Mineral Blend is an excellent way to amend no till beds, build new soil or recycle old soil from a single blend of carefully selected ingredients. 

It is a blend of plant-based amendments and rock minerals. Ideal for re-amending soil beds and containers in between growing cycles, especially for people who don’t have the resources to get their soil tested.

It contains a balanced profile of slow and quick release nutrients and minerals in organic form for microbial stimulation and long term soil fertility throughout the growing cycle.

Also included is an Australian made mycorrhizal inoculant which is most effective when Regenerate is used as a top-dress in existing containers. This particular mycorrhizae inoculant contains 4 strains of endomycorrhizal spores which all aid in various plant processes from disease suppression to water and nutrient translocation. Mycorrhizae is an incredibly important symbiotic association that vastly increases plants ability to uptake nutrients and protect the rhizosphere from disease. It sequesters carbon and greatly reduces fertiliser needs.

Neem meal, kelp meal, malted grains, soft rock phosphate, basalt rock dust, gypsum, mycorrhizal fungi inoculant.

Neem Meal: pest resistance, macro nutrients. Certified Organic

Kelp Meal: Growth hormones and micronutrients. Certified Organic

Malted Barley: Enzymes for increased nutrient cycling. Provides chitin for pest management via microbial activity.

Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Dust: Increases soil fertility and provides slow release trace elements

Gypsum: Certified Organic. Provides sulfur and calcium and does not affect pH. If building your own soil, add appropriate amount of calcium carbonate to correct acidic soil from the addition of sphagnum peat moss. We left out lime so your soil pH will not shift over time and become more alkaline.

Soft Rock Phosphate: Naturally sourced, un-processed rock phosphate high in trace elements, calcium and phosphorus as well as silica – a cell strengthening element.

Mycorrhizae: Contains 4 species of endomycorrhizal fungal spores.

How to use:
Soil recycling recipe per 50L of used soil - Add 350g of recharge blend to 10 to 15L of high quality worm castings or compost
Topdressing rates for no till gardens - Spread evenly over soil, and lightly mix into top layer. Apply when planting and again when flowering if needed.
Recommended application rates:
1/2 - 1 cup per plant
1/2 to 1 cup per square metre in raised beds
For best results add a layer of worm castings and cover with mulch. Water lightly and frequently.

Use Regenerate Nutrient to prolong the life of EASY AS ORGANICS WATER ONLY SOIL
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