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Silver Ducting

Silver Ducting

Silver Ducting

SILVER DUCTING  Available in: 100mm x 5m 125mm x 5m  150mm x 5m  200mm x...
Brand: Pakenham hydroponics
Product type: Ducting
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Available in:

  • 100mm x 5m
  • 125mm x 5m 
  • 150mm x 5m 
  • 200mm x 5m 
  • 250mm x 5m 
  • 300mm x 5m

Silver ducting made from aluminium, comes in a variety of diameters and is easy to cut. 

Silver Ducting Features:

  • highly flexible
  • made from aluminium
  • reflective

Use aluminium tape or duct clamps to join the silver ducting to fans and carbon filters.

Fits all fans and filters

Designed for high and low pressure heating, ventilation and cooling.
The duct is made up of an aluminium film laminated core, incorporating a coated mechanical spring wire helix and solvent based adhesive.
The duct is constructed in a way that allows it to maintain its full diameter throughout bends.  When correctly installed, it offers low resistance to air flow.

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