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Trotec BQ30 Particle Measuring Device

Trotec BQ30 Particle Measuring Device

Trotec BQ30 Particle Measuring Device

BQ30 PARTICLE MEASURING DEVICE Air quality monitor for checking the fine particulate and CO2 burden CLICK...
Brand: Trotec
Product type: Dehumidifier
SKU: J6650

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Air quality monitor for checking the fine particulate and CO2 burden



Particle counter for air quality measurements

Nowadays, the fine particulate burden in the air and its health effects are an essential part of public discussions. But what is it that makes fine particulates so dangerous? Fundamentally, a distinction is made between the two particle fractions PM10 and PM2.5.

PM10 includes all particles with a maximum diameter of 10 µm, and PM2.5 means all particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 µm. These particles are invisible to the naked eye. As small as they are – especially the particles of the size PM2.5 – they can reach the pulmonary alveoli. Yet more minute particles of less than 1 µm can even reach blood vessels.

In our everyday life, we are exposed to countless potential sources of fine particulates. No matter whether you are living or working next to an extremely busy road or near an industrial area – it is likely that the fine particulate burden of your breathing air is increased. In rooms and buildings where many people are situated, the COcontent often increases above average. 

But also ordinary things and tasks such as cooking, vacuuming, candle or tobacco smoke – just like the emissions from heat sources (e.g. stoves and fireplaces) – can have a direct negative effect on the indoor climate and consequently the well-being. For an increased concentration of fine particulates and CO2 in the air can not only affect the overall well-being, but also be responsible for difficulties in concentrating and insomnia as well as for various allergic reactions. On a long-term basis, the exposure to fine particulates increases the risk of developing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, even pulmonary cancer.

Using the convenient particle measuring device BQ30 you can always keep an eye on the fine particulate, CO, air temperature and humidity values. This way, you can improve the room climate through fresh air supply or the effective use of air cleaners, humidifiers or dehumidifiers whenever required.

The compact, long-term air quality monitor BQ30 allows you to simultaneously detect both critical fine particulate concentrations and CO2 emissions in the air in a reliable and precise way. Additionally, the convenient all-round measuring device also measures the air temperature and humidity level.

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