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Trotec Pac Range of Air Conditioners| Eco Friendly R290 Natural Refrigerant

Trotec Pac Range of Air Conditioners| Eco Friendly R290 Natural Refrigerant

Trotec Pac Range of Air Conditioners| Eco Friendly R290 Natural Refrigerant

LOCAL AIR CONDITIONER PAC 3900 X Triple power for extra freshness: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification.  Refreshingly convenient. As...
Brand: Trotec
Product type: Dehumidifier
SKU: J6920

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For an ETA please call us on (03) 5940 9047 or email us here.

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Triple power for extra freshness: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification.

 Refreshingly convenient. As flexible as possible.



  • Energy efficiency class A
  • 3.9 kW cooling capacity
  • Three operating modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification
  • Three fan speeds
  • Timer function
  • Practical LED display
  • Easy-to-clean membrane keypad
  • Room temperature display
  • Swing function for optimum air distribution
  • IR remote control
  • Removable air filter
  • Quiet operation < 53 dB(A)


With cooling technology of the latest generation as well as a comprehensive functional range the multifunctional air conditioner PAC 3900 X lives up to its reputation as genuine all-rounder. For cooling, ventilation or dehumidification: The ultra-compact air conditioner meets all requirements of an ideal room climate with flying colours. With a cooling capacity of 3.9 kW the air conditioner of the PAC series is especially well suited for large rooms of up to 130 m³. Apart from the reliable cooling on hot days the PAC 3900 X filters and dehumidifies the room air and generates a fresh breeze to top it all off. As desired in three fan stages and with swing function for an optimal distribution of the air in the room.

Functions of the PAC 3900 X

The PAC 3900 X comes equipped with a modern microprocessor control and a variety of individually programmable functions. Optionally, the device regulates the room climate autonomously. The smart air conditioner even automatically reduces the energy costs by switching off compressor and fan when reaching the predefined target temperature.

Saving tip:

The operating modes ventilation and dehumidification can also be selected with deactivated cooling function. Therefore, the 3-in-1 air conditioner PAC 3900 X can be used throughout the year to create a healthy, agreeable indoor climate – whilst keeping the power consumption at a minimum. This further reduces the energy demand of the already economical device and renders the purchase of a separate fan or dehumidifier redundant.

The integrated timer function permits operation by the hour as well as automatic switch-on and -off. An agreeably silent night mode with adapted temperature control guarantees a good night's rest and the necessary physical regeneration.


Ideal climate atmosphere at home or at work.


  • Split unit with effective cooling
  • 4.3 kW cooling capacity
  • Air outlet with swing function
  • Programmable 24-hour timer for switch-on/-off time
  • Removable air filter
  • IR remote control
  • Four adjustable fan stages plus automatic function
  • 550 m³/h air flow rate max.
  • Suitable for rooms to a size of 120 m³
  • Control electronics with digital operating display
  • Compact design and minimum storage space

Split unit with effective cooling

Whether optionally fully automatic or three-stage manual operation, individually programmable switch-on/-off times, dehumidification function, IR remote control and much more – this powerful air handling unit leaves nothing to be desired.

Due to the split construction, the internal unit of the PAC 4600 despite a very high cooling capacity comes with especially compact dimensions and thus enables manifold installation possibilities.

In addition to the variable adjustment option of the cooling air flow, the air handling unit PAC 4600 is provided with a swing function. Oscillating fan blades improve the distribution of room air, which leads to an increased efficiency of the device.

For optional wall mounting the external unit is as standard equipped with a suspension device.

Provides cooling at home, in the office or a hotel room – with a low power consumption

Using the flexible air conditioning system PAC 4600 you can ban the searing heat from the house even during hot spells with record temperatures. Owing to energy efficiency category A, the ongoing consumption costs are kept at a reasonable level. In order to reduce the energy demand the device automatically ensures that the refrigerating compressor will be switched off upon reaching the preset target temperature. The device will only resume cooling when the desired temperature value is exceeded.

Fresh breeze – with and without cooling function

In addition, the elegant all-rounder comes with an adjustable four-stage fan blower with a flow rate of up to 550 m³/h. Even with the refrigerating compressor inactivated, the device provides a fresh breeze and effective air circulation in the room. With additionally activated, optional swing function, cold air will be evenly distributed in the room. In order to also filter out fluff, dust and animal hair from the breathing air, an easy-to-clean air filter is integrated on the back of the device.

Timer function

An individual feel-good climate straight to the point: Use the 24-hour timer to programme the switch-on or switch-off time of the PAC 4600 in a way that coincides with your daily rhythm. For instance, you can start into your work day with agreeable temperatures. Or use the timer to ban the heat that has built up during the day from your bedroom in time before retiring to bed for a good night's rest. The device is equipped with recessed handles and low-friction rollers permitting the quick and easy transportation into other rooms equally in need of a fresh breeze.  

Swing function

The optional on-demand swing function provides even cooling throughout the room. The air outlet automatically swings from the bottom to the top in order for the cold air distributing in an optimal way.

Calculation of the required cooling capacity

Find out how to easily calculate the cooling capacity required for your living and office spaces.

How much power is required to cool a room? The rule of thumb: Every cubic metre of room volume requires a cooling capacity of 30 watts (1 m3 = 30 W).

Using this blanket value the required cooling capacity can be determined quickly and easily for every room size. Example: Assuming a room with 48 m² of floor space and a room height of 2.5 m.
The resulting calculation reads as follows:

Room volume calculation:
48 m² of floor space x 2.5 m ceiling height = a room volume of 120 m³

Calculation of the cooling capacity required for the room volume:
120 m³ cubature x 30 watts of cooling capacity = required cooling capacity of 3,600 watts

Conversion from watt to kilowatt:
3,600 watts = 3.6 kW

Result: In a room with 48 m2 of floor space and a height of 2.5 m you need an air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 3.6 kW – such as the PAC 4600.

This is only a rough calculation formula for living and office spaces with modern insulation (passive house standard), though. The required cooling capacity further depends on the room's "thermal load": For selecting an appropriate air conditioner, the factors of insolation, insulation, window dimensions, the number of persons as well as the heat sources play an equally important role.

You would like to find out more? Our info page "Practical knowledge concerning air conditioning" contains all the important information. By reading it you will quickly become an air conditioning expert. 


AirLock window and door seals

ACCESSORY TIP: AirLock window seals prevent warm air from streaming back into the room you are trying to cool. 

The warm air is discharged through an air conditioner's exhaust air hose and thus through a window into the open air. In order to keep the warm air from streaming right back into the room through the window gap we recommend using AirLock window or door seals.

Suitable for windows with a maximum perimeter of up to 4 metres is the window seal AirLock 100. The hose can be attached to any type of window (casement, bottom-hung or skylight windows). With the Velcro® tape mounting between window and frame only takes a few steps. This ensures an optimal cooling efficiency in the room and substantially reduces the consumption costs of your air conditioner.

Also perfect for floor-to-ceiling windows or balcony and patio doors.

The convenient door and window seal AirLock 1000 was specifically designed for sealing floor-to-ceiling windows or balcony and patio doors – it is the only window seal on the market that has a perimeter of up to 5.6 metres. The AirLock 1000 can be used for both one- or two-hose devices.

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